Hector Gannet

Into The Deep

A new EP highlighting our effects upon the natural world

L-R Cain, Heather of Wild Intrigue, we 4 Gannets, and ornithologist Daniel Turner who does sterling work for The Tyne Kittiwake Partnership

Hi, and thank you for looking in!

We wanted to update you on our next release, and we hope you can find something to your taste below, and in doing so you can indirectly help some amazing organisations who do a superb job in protecting nature.

As part of the next release, a four track EP titled Into The Deep, the band and I really want to highlight the negative effects on nature, suffered by irresponsible actions. To do so we’ve been working alongside some lovely people who hold these same interests at heart as we do, and who do a great job in trying to reverse the effects.

Firstly a little bit about our friends at Wild Intrigue. Wild Intrigue is a Community Interest Company (CIC) and small ecotourism social enterprise who create unique opportunities to inspire, educate and rewild through the discovery of British Wildlife. We’ve loved working together with them recently, raising money and awareness for The Tyne Kittiwakes, where a nature walk and talk was held by Wild Intrigue around the Fish Quay area of North Shields, followed by a live performance by us for attendees.

Cain Scrimgeour is one of the Directors at WI, and this is what he said about this campaign – “Coastal habitats are massively under threat from our human carelessness towards the environment. Hector Gannet’s unique way of raising awareness of these issues through their music is really progressive, they bring a fresh approach to highlighting important environmental messages. It’s a privilege for Wild Intrigue to be part of Hector Gannet’s inspiring journey!” – and I must add we too feel inspired by the brilliant work done by Cain and Heather at WI. Theirs is a very proactive approach, wanting to educate and inform in order to reduce impact.

The brilliant work of BDMLR!

Secondly I’d like to introduce British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR), who are a registered charity, and since 1988 have been involved in the rescue of marine wildlife being called out to thousands of incidents around the UK every year. Their help was instrumental after major marine disasters such as the Braer shipwreck in Shetland, the Sea Empress grounding in Milford Haven, and the Napoli shipwreck in Dorset. We’re keen to help them get further recognition as they do such a brilliant job, not just with major disasters but by attending call outs by the public to any water dwelling mammals that are in trouble.

Dan Jarvis is a Field Support Officer for BDMLR and was keen to pass on this info about what they do – “Our volunteer rescue teams often come across marine mammals that have been affected by human activity sadly, whether that be through entanglement in litter, sickness from ingesting pollution, and more recently the more noticeable effects of climate change. There are many things we can all do as individuals, families, businesses and communities to help reduce our impact on the planet and make the world a better one for the wildlife we share it with. Hector Gannet have come up with a hugely creative way of sharing conservation messages to new and more diverse audiences than we have been able to reach before via the medium of music, while at the same time supporting our ongoing efforts to rescue sick and injured animals. This is a great new partnership opportunity that we are very thankful for having been asked to be a part of, and we are keen to see it flourish.”

We are massively inspired by the brilliant work by BDMLR as well, and in order to make this project benefit everyone, we’ve decided to make the EP and associated merchandise available in a way that will allow everyone to get involved, and by doing so you will indirectly contribute to these amazing organisations. There are a number of options you can choose from, or you can choose a mixed bundle if you prefer.

*And remember, just like our endangered birds or wildlife, once the vinyl and merch are gone, they’re gone! We’ve made it so the minimum amount must be paid, but it will allow further donations if anyone wants to pay more …Here’s the list of what is being made available, and thanks again for taking an interest. Aaron.x 

**Profits to be shared with WI and BDMLR**

Thanks again – and on behalf of all the band, we really hope you can support us to help make this a success.

Cheers, Aaron/Hector Gannet.

The debut album 'BIG HARCAR'

Out now on GUGA Records

Available formats:

- 180g heavyweight black vinyl. ('Gannet White’ vinyl: sold out)
- CD (with bonus tracks)
- Download (free with CD and vinyl orders)
- Streaming on all platforms.


The Launch - archive footage courtesy of North East Film Archive [NEFA]

Hector Gannet - 4 tracks live at Polestar Studios

All Hail, All Glory

Blue Murder (Alan Hull cover) from The Wheel House, North Shields