Hector Gannet

Hector Gannet = Aaron Duff, Jack Coe, Martin Wann, Joe Coady and occasionally Ryan Siddall; working collectively on Moving North: Coastal. Aaron Duff also works as a solo artist under the same moniker.

‘Moving North: Coastal’ – is part of a UK wide programme, Britain on Film – ‘Our Lives, Our Stories’ led by the BFI. Working in partnership with National and Regional Film Archives to uncover and create access to the extraordinary treasures of our UK film and TV archives for the British public to see and enjoy.

North East Film Archive asked if Aaron would be interested in working on the Moving North: Coastal project. Aaron was keen to express himself in regards to the fishing and shipping industries of the north east, as he has family background in the industries.

Last year Britain on Film took a closer look at rural life across the UK, and now the focus is turned towards ‘Britain on Film: Coast and Sea’, charting our changing relationship with the land and the sea and the intrinsic connection with our national self-image.

In this project, Moving North: Coastal comes together with new and original music from Hector Gannet, all performed live alongside imagery taken from over 100 years of rare archive footage of the North East of England filmed by amateur film makers, cine fanatics and from TV archives. The partnership with Hector Gannet weaves together unique music, both sublime and powerful, along with film in a truly interesting way.